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  • Customer Rebates
  • Vendor Rebates
  • Point-Of-Install Rebates
  • Channel Spiffs
  • Special Purchase Agreements

Inventory is stacked up and must be moved. A temporary strategy protects your pricing and preserves your margin. Discounting can be become permanent.

Rebates, spiffs and other sales incentives can be effective and time-limited promotional strategy to boost near-term sales without impairing log-term strategy. And, a digital touchless delivery model is consistent with the time.

  • Admin Entry Portal
  • Rules-based system
  • Data auditing
  • View file attachements
  • Review & approve workflow
  • Tracking & notifications
  • Reporting engine
  • API to fulfillment
  • Fulfillment by check, credit, gift card, prepaid card, or merchandise

A product of Incentit, LLC.

(515) 491-3382 | sales@incentit.com



Leverage our team of Application, Web, and Database developers to extend upon the platform to meet your specific needs.


Data Migration

We offer migration services to move your existing incentives into this new system and help you get up and running quickly.



Provide integration services for interfacing with your in-house system(s) such as CRM, ERP and accounting systems.


Software-AS-A-Service "Cloud"

Leverage our cloud to decrease operating expenses and improve performance.


Configuration and Training

If you're a first timer or transitioning from spreadsheets, we can get you up and running quickly and pain free.