Multi-Level Utility Rebates


Posted On: November 6, 2023

Multi-level utility rebate programs are where two organizations both contribute to the total rebate that is applied for. This program design often occurs with coop networks where both a G&T and distribution coop contribute. Other situations where multi-level rebates apply include public utilities where the wholesale and municipal utilities both participate, and potentially with state energy office rebate programs where the energy office collaborates with local utilities to deliver their rebate programs. 

In most cases the rebate is paid down and aggregated. For example, a G&T offers a rebate for a central air source heat pump. The G&T pays down to the distribution cooperative who layers on their own rebate and then pays the sum out to the applicant. 

Incentit offers multi-level rebate program administration. Each layer can define their own rebate amount, either fixed or formula driven. Additionally, in the shared environment each participant can define their own rebate. For example, a G&T can offer a rebate for a central air source heat pump of $150 per ton of capacity. One distribution coop can choose to offer $75 per ton of capacity, another can choose to offer a fixed amount of $200, and another can choose to not contribute.

The multi-level design enables utilities to centralize program administration while, at the same time, respecting the autonomous decisions of each utility participant. It also allows sponsors to enforce matching policies and to capture participant data for exclusive rebates.